2017 Dreambuilders Projects


2018 Dreambuilders Suggestion Form — give us your suggestions for the new year!

Each year the PWF members submit their suggestions for the Dreambuilder projects from agencies in Lexington focused on supporting women.Then the Dreambuilders Committee reviews the requests, and sends a proposal to the board for approval.
Dreambuilders thank all of the members who took time to nominate groups for PWF to support 2017, we had a number of strong nominations to consider.

In response to concerns raised by members, Dreambuilders will be following an every other month plan of information and then in-gathering starting in March 2017. The first month the Dreambuilders announcements would focus on who the group is, what they do, how they support women in Lexington, and how PWF can support their important work.
The following month would be the ingathering.     

Dreambuilders recommended to the board and the groups listed below for 2017. Our focus will be on  gathering small item donations that have a big impact for the agency, with the option to give cash directly to the organization. All of these groups support the mission of PWF, each in their own unique way. This group includes new and familiar organizations who work tirelessly to benefit women, and our support will be a welcome addition.



Donated Items Needed

April 2017

Lexington Woman’s Club

Socks and Underwear for children size 6X – Youth Large

June 2017

Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning

Books by Kentucky Authors, blank journals, copy paper, pens, flip chart paper, paper clips, table refills and dispensers

August 2017

Kentucky Refugee Ministries

Wipes and feminine napkins, No Tampons

October 2017

Susan G. Komen Kentucky Pink personal care items for a home spa themed raffle basket

December 2017

The Nest

Wrapping Paper 50 rolls, Board games 20; also have the option to give through Amazon Wish List and the donations go straight to The Next


Melissa Bright and the Dreambuilders Committee

For more information, please contact Melissa Bright, 859-492-1128, mcbright@twc.com