hazel-teichenHazel Teichen is the Provider Liaison for Hospice of the Bluegrass.  “My primary responsibility is to connect with physicians, clinicians, healthcare providers/partners and residents in the community to share information and educate on the many services available through Hospice of the Bluegrass and Palliative Care. I had the privilege to work for a hospice provider for 8 years in Chicago and I have been blessed to be on the team of professionals at Hospice of the Bluegrass for just over one year.”

What Hazel likes best about her job includes the following:  “I have the highest job satisfaction when I am representing Hospice of the Bluegrass and presenting to a professional or community group to educate on hospice services.  As an advocate for quality of life, personal dignity, and the compassionate care that is the core of hospice, I strive to correct misinformation about what hospice is or is not and to highlight the benefits that can be realized for patients, families, and caregivers at a most intimate time in their lives.”

“Having relocated from Illinois to Kentucky at the age of 60, what I value and hold dear about being a member of PWF is the variety of dynamic women I have had the pleasure to get to know.  A traveler always welcomes a hospitable heart and I have been fortunate to meet many warm welcoming women in the past months.  These friendships have silently aided me as I have transitioned to my new home in Lexington.  Truly priceless!”

In her spare time Hazel enjoys walking in the woods and being in nature with her dog, birdwatching, and visiting Civil War battlefields to immerse in history.  “I enjoy all things related to decorating, redecorating and repurposing environments.  I have a passion for historic restoration and watching educational programming on all topics.”

“I am single.  I am a proud Mom of my daughter, Renee, who lives in Connecticut and my son, Billy, who lives in  Brooklyn, New York.  I have a beautiful Collie mix dog named Annie who rescued me 11 years ago.  She brings joy and calm to my life.  I got my motorcycle license and my Masters’ Degree at the age of 58.”

“I am very grateful to be a member of PWF!”

Contact Hazel Teichen at (859) 699-0773 or hteichen@hospicebg.org