ericka-harneyEricka Harney, CFRE, GPC, CVA, the current PWF chair, keeps very busy with her job as the Executive Director of the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance, (AFWA).  “I manage all day to day and strategic operations of a national
association serving 2,500 women around the country.  Right now my focus is our national membership campaign and launching our first eCourse:  AFWA Master Presenter, that will teach public speaking skills.  AFWA enables women in all accounting and finance fields to achieve their full potential and to contribute to their profession.  I also manage the efforts of The Foundation of AFWA, which provided over $34,000 in scholarships last year.”

Ericka has been at her job the last two years and what she likes best about her job includes the following:  “I have a great board of directors who work hard and support the organization’s efforts.”

Ericka shares some inspiring thoughts for other PWF members:  

“Membership in a group like PWF is only going to bring you value if you take advantage of what PWF offers.  We offer a variety of programs and meetings for networking and personal development.  The value is what you make of it.  I hope you can join us in sharing your ideas of what you would like to see PWF offer.”

When she isn’t busy with work or PWF, Ericka spends a lot of time with family and friends as well as doing volunteer work and board service.  “I am also working on my doctoral dissertation and hope to be done this summer (finally).”

“I am excited to be an aunt this year!  But it will be a while until I get to visit him, my sister, her husband, and Freddie V (short for Frederick Roneker, V) who live in Warsaw Poland.  I’m thankful for Facetime and Skype.  I also have three furry children, Roscoe and Rocky who are 9 year-old Pugs, and Livy, the cross-eyed cat. “

“I am excited to see what 2016 has in store!  I also found out in January that I passed the exam and earned my Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential.”

Contact Ericka Harney at (859) 492-0677 or