2018 Dreambuilders Projects

Together our efforts through Dreambuilders reach more women,

Together we each grow stronger professionally and personally.

Each year the PWF members submit their suggestions for the Dreambuilder projects from agencies in Lexington focused on supporting women.Then the Dreambuilders Committee reviews the requests, and sends a proposal to the board for approval.
Dreambuilders thank all of the members who took time to nominate groups for PWF to support 2018, we had a number of strong nominations to consider.

In response to concerns raised by members, Dreambuilders will be following an every other month plan of information and then in-gathering starting in March 2018. The first month the Dreambuilders announcements would focus on who the group is, what they do, how they support women in Lexington, and how PWF can support their important work.
The following month would be the ingathering.     

I am pleased to announce the PWF outreach projects for this year. The Dreambuilders committee reviewed almost a dozen nominations from a wide range of organizations. Together we narrowed the list down to four organizations that support women in a variety of ways and that are all are strongly aligned with the mission of PWF. In the coming months the Dreambuilders will share more details about how each of these organizations support women who are in a vulnerable phase and how you can help them in their journey to working, supporting their own family and strengthening our community. For now here is a list of the organizations that PWF Dreambuilders will be spotlighting and when to look for information about them.



Agency Focus

Donation Focus


Chrysalis House

Rotating, Previously supported 2012

Rehab for pregnant women

Baby and Baby Personal Care

Project 1:
March information,
April donation

One Parent Scholar House

Rotating, Previously supported 2012

Educational support of single parents

Class room supplies and children’s books

Project 2:
May information
June donation

The Well


New to PWF

Support for women coming out of Sex Trafficking

Cleaning supplies

Project 3:
Aug information
Sept Donations

The Nest


Child Care; Crisis Care; Domestic Violence counseling, Advocacy; and parent education/ support

Wrapping supplies, & toys to help mothers provide some holiday joy for their family

Project 4:
Nov information
Dec Donations

Watch for information from the Membership Committee about how you can volunteer to help one of these organizations in a hands-on way with your fellow PWF members.

As you become aware of other great organizations supporting women in Lexington remember that they can be nominated for a Dreambuilder project for next year, 2019. In the mean time, please encourage members of other organizations to Join PWF. As a PWF member they will have opportunities to share information about upcoming events in the newsletter as well as placing information on the Member Information Table by the entrance to our meeting space. Also as a PWF member you or your designate can attend the monthly meeting and network with other PWF members so that they know what is coming up at your agency. A relatively new option is the PWF Spotlight program, where an organization sponsors a meeting and has the opportunity to speak to the group for 3 minutes before the keynote speaker. Also the Spotlight organization receives recognition leading up to the meeting in the newsletter and on the website / social marketing.

Melissa Bright and the Dreambuilders Committee

For more information, please contact Melissa Bright, 859-492-1128, mcbright@twc.com