Committees are vital to PWF and members are encouraged to volunteer for committees of their choice throughout the year. Committee terms are from January 1st through December 31st and committees meet on a regular basis throughout the term. Each committee has a committee Chair who is responsible for scheduling meetings, overseeing committee activities, and reporting to the Executive Committee. Chair positions are usually filled by a member of the specified committee but PWF members are encouraged to let an Executive Committee member know if they are interested in holding a Chair position. Committee Chairs will hold the Chair position for a two year maximum term unless approved otherwise by the Executive Committee. Please review the PWF website for a listing of the current committee Chairs.

Several committees hold events, programs, luncheons, etc. throughout the year and therefore, in order to adhere to the PWF Mission Statement the following guidelines must be followed by all committees and the direct Chair:

  • All committees must prepare and present a budget for approval by the Executive Committee before an event or function can be finalized.
  • Upon completion of the event or function, each committee must prepare a cost analysis summary updating budgeted costs with actual expenses, revenue, and member/guest participation.
  •  All contracts must be pre-approved by the Executive Committee. Only specific members of the Executive Committee have signature authority on behalf of PWF.
  • In order to adhere with the PWF Mission Statement, any “group” receiving a benefit of any kind from PWF must be approved by the Executive Committee prior to distribution of the benefit. This does include any listing of charities, organizations, schools, individuals, etc. regardless of their legal standing.
  • Committee membership, duties, activities, minutes, and miscellaneous information will be maintained on an annual basis and available to the Executive Committee as needed. At the end of each Chair term the data will be presented to the incoming Chair.
  • At least one member of the Executive Committee will sit on a committee and will report to the Executive Committee monthly on behalf of the individual committee.
  • The Executive Committee meets monthly, generally the second Monday following the monthly PWF meeting.


The Membership/Networking Committee’s overall mission is to support the membership base and adhere to the Mission Statement. Meetings are held monthly. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Retention of current members through monthly/annual correspondence
  • Recruitment of new members through membership drives and guest correspondence
  • Recognition of the members
  • Organizing, planning, and implementation of quarterly new member events
  • Overseeing the registration table during the PWF monthly meetings
  • Monthly correspondence to the meeting guests
  • Work within approved budget



The Dreambuilders Committee’s goal is to provide the membership with the opportunity to “give back” to the community through financial and voluntary means. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying various charities, groups, and activities that are a reflection of the PWF Mission Statement
  • Present identified list to Executive Committee for approval on an annual basis
  • Organizing, planning, and implementation of events structured towards the approved list of charities, groups, and activities.
  • Present identified list to Executive Committee for approval on an annual basis
  • Work within an approved budget
  • Meet monthly or as needed to obtain committee goal
  • Visit Rainbow Row


The primary responsibility of the Program Committee is the monthly meeting agenda for the membership. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Adhering to the Mission Statement by identifying potential subjects for the monthly meetings with the membership’s interest in mind.
  • Present program plans to Executive Committee for approval on an annual basis
  • Coordinate, plan, and implement monthly meeting programs
  • Maintain the monthly meeting agendas
  • Work within an approved budget
  • Meet monthly or as needed to obtain committee goal



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