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October 5 – Kimberly Bynes, Building Trust

kimberly-bynesWhen trust exists in an organization or in a relationship, almost everything else is easier and more comfortable to achieve. Trust is the cornerstone for everything you’d like your organization to be now and for everything you’d like it to become in the future. Trust forms the foundation for effective communication, employee retention, and employee motivation and contribution of discretionary energy, the extra effort that people voluntarily invest in work.

Kimberly Bynes loves speaking, training and coaching. “I believe that is where my purpose, skills and passions collide. I especially enjoy the topics of leadership, both personal and organizational, and interpersonal skills development. I believe in the messages I present and try to practice what I preach. Some days I’m successful. Some days I fail. All days I try.”

“I have been working in the training and development field for nearly 20 years, (obviously I started young…before I was 10…that’s humor) and I have a Masters Degree in Human Resource Development and I’m a certified trainer, speaker and coach with the John Maxwell Team.”

November 2 – Becky Naugle, Economic Update

Economic Outlook and Current Trends
Our economy is influenced by local, national, and international activities and in turn impact many aspects of our lives.

In these very interesting times there are no shortage of influences to watch.

On Nov. 2nd we will take a look at our economy and where it may be headed and what it means for you.

Come have some fun discussing what the outlook and trends may mean for you.

Biography — Becky Naugle, Ph.D.

dr-becky-naugleBecky Naugle’s experience with professional women started early. When she was 13, she started working for a women-owned neighborhood grocery store. During high school, she worked at a local florist, owned by two amazing women.  While attending college Becky worked in a variety of small businesses, most of which were owned by women. She received her Bachelor of Science in 1981 from Indiana University, making her the first in her family to attend and graduate from college.

In 1984 she started Cornucopia Catering while “keeping her day job”, working 80-plus hours a week to get her business off the ground. She worked with business owners and community leaders and was recruited to work with the Washington County Awareness Leadership program. This provided the opportunity for her to work on several community development projects, including small business development and retention.

After successfully exiting her business, she decided to continue her education by working on a master’s degree. The Indiana University faculty recruited her into the Instructional Systems Technology Ph.D. program. The program allowed her to focus on developing her training and consulting skills and also allowed her to pursue her interest in small business and leadership development. While completing her Ph.D., she worked for Charter Performance, a women-owned consulting firm in Indianapolis, which allowed her to further refine her consulting skills.

In 1998, she joined the University of Kentucky’s Small Business Development Center as an associate state director of the network. She became state director on Oct. 1. 1999. Each year the SBDC serves more than 2,500 clients and more than 3,000 training attendees across the state.  The program has created a legacy of economic impact to the Commonwealth.

December 7 – J. Peterman (no topic listed)

January 2017:

  • Sonia Goforth with SG Dynamic Coaching
  • Marketing Blurb:  5 Ways To Become More Productive In Work & Life, Registered Corporate Coach, Sonia Goforth, will demonstrate & teach how to gain better control of your day and life.  Through 5 simple techniques, you’ll learn how to instantly become more productive and less stressed.